Latest Updates

Event Templates

This feature allows users to create and manage email templates that will be triggered by specific events within their system.

Master Recycling

This is a set of tools designed to allow for the most comprehensive approach to recycling data within your system. The filter sets allow for creating batches of recycled data based on a variety of database objects.

System Statuses

This tool allows administrators to create and manage statuses available to users at the record level. Related settings, controlled within the same tool, include:

  • Protected - Determines whether a duplicate record, matching by phone number or Tax ID, will be blocked if the original record is in the given status.
  • Conversion - A setting which denotes whether the given status will count as a conversion on conversion reports.
  • Cap - An integer value which acts as a limit of the number of records that a given user can have in the given status. 0 for not applicable.
  • Restricted - A true/false value indicating whether the status will be hidden from view from all but specified users.
  • Button - This setting controls whether the given status will appear as a queue available in Lead Management.


This tool is a Content Management System built in to our CRM, BPM, ERP, and POS systems to allow administrators the opportunity to create and manage training and other resource sections.

Record Timeline

This feature is embedded at the record level and shows a full view of the record's timeline. This includes the dates and times of any status updates, document uploads, notes entered, and other relevant transactions. Below the timeline, a user can also see what business rules have acted upon the record, as well as how many matching records exist within their system.

Custom Grids

This feature is an offshoot of Master Recycling. It provides all of the filters available in Master Recycling but does not limit by user access level and outputs only a queue. This allows non-administrators to quickly create record batches that meet certain criteria without the help of their administrators.

Summary Report

This report gives access to a summary of financial results from sales. Groupings are available to see aggregates based on branch, user, lead class, and more.

Master Summary

This is a financial report that provides a better net view of a given time range's transactions. This includes, where applicable, pre and post-collection data.

Payroll Reports

These are custom payroll reports, catered to your industry and available for free customization, which show a detailed breakdown of user payroll.

Lead Class Revenue

This is a report that provides revenue figures for purchased lead sources by date range. The resulting data is grouped by user and lead source and can be exported by an administrator to a flat file for further processing.

Lead Class Milestone Details

This report shows the activity resulting from each lead source, filtered by date range, and grouped by user.

User Tool Access

This feature allows administrators to override default access settings for tools throughout their system.

Dup Merge

This tool allows administrators to merge duplicate records. Records can be merged manually or by a business rule which will operate at runtime.

Retention Report

This report provides a breakdown of retention statistics, including related users and revenue results, for a specified date range.

Offer Automation

For instances geared toward lending, this feature manages your automated offers.

Print Views

This feature allows any user with export permissions to create an export file based on a custom set of criteria.

Hard Alerts

This feature is for administrators who find a need to stop all employees "in their tracks" to have them confirm receipt of a particular message. The tool gives administrators the ability to create an alert, assign users to it, specify whether they would like to be alerted when each user views and/or accepts the alerts, and whether the alert will be required on boarding new users going forward.

Document Type Management

This tool allows administrators to create and manage document types which are available to their users when managing record-level documents.

Welcome Templates

This feature allows users to create an HTML email that will be triggered on form submission from a specified lead source.


This feature allows users to create ad-hoc categories by creating and managing tags.

Inbound Desk Performance

This tool is designed for companies that recycle much of their data and would like to have desk performance reports, at the user level, that do not include recycled records.

Inbound ULC Milestones

This tool is designed for companies that recycle much of their data and would like to have milestone reports, at the user level, that do not include recycled records.